Posted by: Eric and Heidi | May 8, 2014

No apologies

Yes, it is true that I have become appallingly bad at taking videos of my kids.

Yes, it is equally true that I am now abysmal at crafting the few videos I have into an adorably sweet montage and posting them regularly.

Yes, it is shockingly true that I have only four a half minutes of video to represent the last five months of 2013.

Yes, it is hideously true that those four and a half minutes fail to include such noteworthy occasions as Lia’s first steps, her first birthday, and any type of Christmas frivolity.

And no.  I will not apologize.  I’d like to give a monologue here about how I’m too much in the moment with my children to sully such precious times with technology.  The more accurate explanation would be that I’m too busy snapping pictures to shoot video simultaneously.  (In contrast with my scanty four and a half minutes of video, I have 578 still shots of my kids during that same period.  True story.  I counted.)  There is a slight chance that Lia is going to seek therapy over the absence of a video immortalizing her mother’s out of tune rendition of “Happy Birthday” on her first birthday.  There’s a far better chance, though, this slight will pale in light of some of my more significant parenting fails that are sure to arise over the next couple decades.

And you know?  I kind of like these four and a half minutes.  These are just little snippets.  Moments, of “Quick, get a video of Lia crawling before she starts to walk!” and “Oh, the girls are so sweet laughing together in the back seat!”  This is real.  This is life.  This is us.  Enjoy.


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