Posted by: Eric and Heidi | January 23, 2015

Some moms can’t be trusted.

There are all kinds of moms out there.  There are the super-protective helicopter moms.  And that’s fine.  The super-laid-back-let-them-learn moms.  And that’s fine, too.  The crunchy granola moms.  Fine.  The fast-food survival moms.  Fine.  Crafty moms and musical moms.  Sporty moms and baking moms.  Hyper-involved moms and homebody moms.  Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, and fine.  I’m with you.  I could continue this list all day.  And it’s all good.  I have at least one friend in every single one of these categories and I love them.  They are great moms and they help keep me sane.  But make no mistake.  There are moms among us who can not be trusted.  For your convenience, I have compiled a partial list…

The “I treasure every moment” mom.  No.  No you don’t.  Some moments are horrible.

The “I never eat chocolate in the bathroom” mom.  Whatever.  You are lying.  Fine, it might be quinoa crisps or kale or whatever, but you know you do it.

The “my kids never eat breakfast in the car” mom.  Really?  Are you sure?

The “perfectly manicured, hair done, made-up, and dressed nicely” mom.  You suck.  Once in a while?  Sure.  One of the four?  Why not.  Maybe doing your nails is your sanity fix.  I’ll give you that.  But all of them?  All the time?  No.

The “I never lose my s**t” with my kids” mom.  Yeah right.

The “I never have to remind myself not to smack them in the face” mom.  Listen, I’m not here to discuss corporal punishment.  I don’t care who you are, though, and how opposed to spanking you might be.  Be honest.  There are times when you just want to smack your child in the face.

The “I never get so used to whining that I don’t even hear it anymore” mom.  If you haven’t reached this point, beware.  It’s coming.

The “I never count the minutes till naptime or bedtime” mom.  Yes you do.  Don’t lie.

The “I always feel like an amazing mom” mom.  I doubt it.

If you encounter any of these moms, immediately run away.  A conversation with a mom like this is not worth your time.  Moms who say these things are either a.) in denial, b.) not paying enough attention, c.) lying, or d.) robots.  Any of those four reasons are grounds for you to run the other way.  Don’t even feel bad about it.  Just run.

Because the truth is that being a mom is HARD.  It is messy and exhausting and relentless.  It is thankless.  It can be lonely.  It is both chaos and monotony at the same time.  It’s crazy and it can make us crazy, too.  But it’s worth it.  It’s important.  It is a privilege.  It is sacred.  It gives us a unique look into the heart of the Father.  It stretches us and makes us stronger.  It softens our bodies and expands our hearts.  We cry more and we love more.  It creates friendships unlike any others in our lives- friendships between women who are too busy and too tired for anything other than honesty.  For transparency.  For empathy and compassion.  For solidarity and encouragement.  A 10-second conversation with a  mom-friend can be the mini-vacation that gets you through the day.  A thumbs-up from a stranger in the grocery store can give you the encouragement to weather the meltdown happening in your cart.  A “thumbs up” on Facebook can be the virtual hug that lets you know you aren’t alone even if you’re the only adult for miles.  So heads up, momma!  We’re in this together and we’re doing great!  And you can trust me on this.  I’m one of the good ones.  After all, my hair is a wreck and I gave up my chocolate during naptime to write this for you today.  I’ve got your back.


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