Posted by: Eric and Heidi | March 18, 2015

Another Day

Last week I had a stretch of about four days where my children were going after each other every.single.second.  It didn’t matter what I did (and I tried it all!) they were simply determined to squabble.  It was exhausting.  I awoke Thursday morning, and within minutes, I was up to my neck once again in whining, fussing, nitpicking children.  With a sincere heart I raised my eyes to heaven and breathed, “Another day.”  As soon as the words slipped past my lips, I caught myself.

Another day.  Another day in which I have been entrusted with these children.  Another day where I get to be their mom.  Another day when I have been tasked with taking IMG_6665this abundance of raw emotion and gently coaxing it into something beautiful.  Another day where I get to model love.  And patience.  And kindness.  And forgiveness.  Another day where I am the most important person in their lives, where they look to me for every need.  Another day where I get to be the security checkpoint of their world, keeping them safe, keeping them innocent, keeping them little.  Another day where my lap is the very best place to be; where my hug fixes any hurt; where the sound of my heartbeat is enough to soothe and comfort.  Another day where the sounds of their voices fill my home and where their beautiful faces are but a reach away.  Another day where I get to see their smiles and wipe their tears.

I know these days will not last forever, so I am grateful, so very grateful, that I get another day with my babies.


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