Greetings, friends and family!

As we are now embarking on our European Adventure we thought it was a great time to start a blog.  We’ve had lots of people ask for updates and pictures, but frankly, we don’t want to be “those people” who clog up your email inboxes with updates that not everyone wants to read.  Enter the blog.  If you’d like to check in with us, please feel free to do so.  If not, your email inboxes will remain uncluttered.  The proverbial ball is in your court.

The Air Force tells us we’ll be in Germany for four years.  Four years is a long time.  Here’s what we THINK will happen in the next four years:  Four years from now we’ll be 34 and 32, respectively.  We’ll hopefully have a couple of young’uns in tow.  We will have travelled Europe extensively and have fabulous scrapbooks to show for it.  We will have entertained many of you on your vacations to Germany! (hint, hint)  Our oldest nieces, Katlyn and Makayla, will be 9 and in fourth grade.  Our youngest niece, Addison, will be 4 and will be chatting up a storm with us on Skype.   Yes, the next four years promise to be full of adventure.  Feel free to follow along!

Eric and Heidi



  1. We are so excited for you both. We will keep up with your blog. Grandpa and Loretta

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